Gamble gone wrong: Pattaya rescue foils truck-held hostage drama

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A Chinese national was rescued by Pattaya police and immigration officers today after allegedly being abducted and held captive in a pickup truck by a fellow Chinese gambler over a football betting debt. This incident unfolded at 3am, today, June 28, in front of a Chinese restaurant on Pattaya Second Road.

According to Fu, the Chinese national, the ordeal began around 8pm yesterday when he met with his Chinese gambling associate, Tian, and his Thai friend, Pichet, to discuss a substantial football betting debt.

Fu had invited customers to place bets on football matches through Tian, who acted as the bookmaker. However, when Fu’s clients lost 24,000 yuan (approximately 120,000 baht) and fled without paying, Tian demanded that Fu cover the debt.

Fu reported to the police that Tian issued several death threats, including cutting off his legs, killing him, and handing him over to a call centre scam gang for torture. In a desperate attempt to appease Tian, Fu initially paid 7,000 baht, but Tian was not satisfied and ordered his accomplices to abduct and confine Fu in a pickup truck.

Police acted swiftly, rescuing Fu and arresting Tian. Tian now faces charges of intimidation, unlawful detention, and assault. There was no immediate information on whether Fu sustained any injuries during the incident, reported Pattaya News.

The situation raises questions about potential charges related to betting and gambling on football, which is illegal in Thailand. Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the case.

In related news, the Surat Thani police chief launched an intensive crackdown on illegal gambling related to the Euro 2024 football tournament to ensure public safety and prevent citizens from falling victim to gambling activities.

The event took place outside the Surat Thani Provincial Police Headquarters in Khun Thale, Mueang District. The provincial police commander, Police Major General Soempun Sirikong, led the operation, emphasising the proactive approach of the Royal Thai Police and Provincial Police Region 8.

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