Foreign man causes chaos at Pattaya insurance office

Picture of unnamed foreign man courtesy of Pattaya News

Pattaya authorities yesterday were called into action when another badly behaved foreign man caused a disturbance at a local business. Around noon, May 21, concerned residents contacted Pattaya City’s 1337 hotline to report the erratic behaviour of a foreign man in front of an insurance office on Chaiyapruek 1 Road.

Upon arrival, municipal officers, peacekeepers, and the Pattaya Mobile Rescue Team encountered a tall, shirtless man exhibiting signs of agitation and confusion. The man, who might have been of German nationality, was seen shouting and talking to himself, alarming local businesses and residents.

Officials managed to quickly calm the agitated individual. Fortunately, he did not harm anyone or cause property damage. A search of his backpack revealed a packet of cannabis, currently legal in Thailand though still a subject of significant debate.

It remains unclear whether the cannabis contributed to his erratic behaviour. No identification documents were found on the man, reported Pattaya News.

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The officials engaged in a conversation with the man, urging him to return to his accommodation. He complied and left the scene peacefully on a motorbike. Although he did not disclose his name, he posed for photos with police in good spirits.

In related news, last month another foreigner behaved badly, ironically, in Pattaya’s Farang Bar. Two Thai female employees are seeking justice after a German man attacked them at a bar where they worked. The German accused the bar of overcharging him.

The two victims, 55 year old Anchisa Thongphuek and 39 year old Warunee Promwaen, submitted CCTV footage of the attack to officers at Mueang Pattaya Police Station on Sunday after the German man physically assaulted them. The incident occurred at Farang Bar in Soi Lengkee at about 2am on the day.

Anchisa, the bar manager, recounted the incident involving the German man and his Thai wife at the bar. Despite consuming alcohol, the man refused to settle the bill, claiming it was too high. Though the total amounted to around 1,000 baht, the foreigner insisted they hadn’t consumed that much.

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