Thai police dismantle major illegal online gambling rings

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Thai police delivered a significant blow to the online gambling industry with the dismantling of two major illegal betting websites. The operation, dubbed ZERO BET, saw the seizure of nearly 10 million baht (US$270,000) in cash and luxury assets, including high-end vehicles like Lamborghinis and BMWs, totalling over 60 million baht (US$1.6 million) in value.

The investigation revealed an annual financial turnover exceeding 1,250 million baht (US$33,600) within these criminal enterprises.

Today, May 1, at the Technology Crime Suppression Division in Mueang Thong Thani, the police announced the outcome of the operation. The successful raid stemmed from a search warrant issued by the Nonthaburi Provincial Court. Police targeted a four-story commercial building in Bang Kruai district, suspected of being a financial hub for online gambling networks.

During the raid, two women, 34 year old Chutima and 33 year old Sumalee, were arrested. The police confiscated 9.2 million baht (US$250,000) in cash, luxury cars, motorcycles, mobile phones, and other valuable assets.

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Chutima confessed to managing the finances of the online gambling sites under instructions from her partner, Kanokphan, and was tasked with withdrawing cash from proxy accounts every three days. The money was stored in a safe at Chutima’s residence, ready to be distributed to the owners and partners monthly, generating profits of 9 to 10 million baht (US$270,000) per month, approximately 120 million baht (US$3.2 million) annually. Sumalee, Kanokphan’s sister, was implicated as an initial cash handler.

Both women now face charges of advertising and promoting illegal gambling activities and money laundering. The investigative team is processing the case according to the law.

The second case involved the network, boasting over 100,000 members with an annual transaction volume of more than 250 million baht (US$6.7 million). The police issued arrest warrants for 33 individuals connected to the operation and have already apprehended five, including the website owner, the developers of the online betting system, financial managers, and proxy account holders.

Seized assets related to this case include luxury cars from Lamborghini, Volkswagen, and multiple BMW and Mercedes-Benz models, high-end watches, designer bags, computer equipment, mobile phones, bankbooks, and ATM cards, with a combined value of more than 50 million baht (US$1.34 million), reported KhaoSod.

Furthermore, the police searched in the Suan Luang district of Bangkok at a company offering internet SMS services, which was found to be promoting online gambling sites. The company’s owner now faces legal proceedings as well.

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