Pattaya beach brawl erupts between Indian tourists and Thai locals (video)

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

In Pattaya, a group of Indian tourists and some Thai locals broke into a fight in the middle of the road at Pattaya beach on December 28.

A viral video has been shared online shows the brawl involving sticks, belts, bottles, and even ladles, causing pandemonium and traffic mayhem.

The one-minute footage, spreading like wildfire across social media, unveils a harrowing scene as Thai and Indian tourists clashed ferociously on the beach road, paying no heed to onlookers and joggers attempting their morning exercise. The brawl erupted from a seemingly innocent circle of Thai locals enjoying drinks, catching the eye of a group of foreign tourists, mainly of Indian origin. Crossing the road, the confrontation swiftly escalated into physical altercations, with Thai and Indian women at the forefront. The dispute spiraled out of control as more individuals from both sides joined the fray, transforming the tranquil street into a battlefield of chaos.

Eyewitnesses, left stunned and frightened, described the scene as both alarming and distressing. The onlookers, initially frozen with fear, only saw intervention when a group of Thai men courageously stepped in, putting an end to the violent clash, reported Pattaya Mail.

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Despite the gravity of the incident, official information from authorities remains elusive, leaving the public in the dark about any filed complaints or potential legal repercussions.

In related news, a drunk police officer and a former Border Patrol Police officer suffered injuries after they fought each other over a female waitress at a restaurant in the northeastern province of Chaiyaphum. One was shot in the legs while the other was hit in the head.

In other news, a distressed Frenchman, grappling with financial turmoil and under the influence of marijuana, brandished a knife in a threatening manner on December 28. The drama reached a boiling point in the picturesque Bang Saray sub-district, Sattahip, as the Sattahip Police swooped in to defuse the intense situation.

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