Phuket: Russian tourist’s water slide nightmare sparks urgent safety probe

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A 42 year old Russian tourist found himself at the centre of a harrowing ordeal at a renowned water park in Phuket.

His quest for aquatic thrills turned into a nightmare, resulting in severe injuries and a subsequent complaint filed with the Consumer Protection Committee.

On November 10, Fedor Kondrakov’s day of fun took a perilous turn as he encountered a glaring absence of warning signs or explicit instructions at the entrance of the water slide area. Despite seeking guidance from lifeguards, the advice given proved insufficient, merely instructing him to fold his arms across his chest. The consequence was a forceful impact with the water surface, leading to spinal fractures that necessitated immediate medical attention.

The water park’s staff promptly summoned an ambulance, rushing the Russian tourist, Kondrakov, to Bangkok Phuket Hospital. Urgent surgery, a seven-day hospital recovery, and an additional seven-day recuperation at a Phuket hotel followed, with the staggering surgery cost exceeding 800,000 baht, fortunately covered by Kondrakov’s personal health and accident insurance. Yet, the ordeal is far from over, as one more operation looms in the next nine months.

Post-incident, the Russian tourist revealed the shocking revelation that there was no communication from the water park, and none of its staff visited him during his arduous recovery. Now, he is seeking compensation through the Consumer Protection Committee, aiming to shed light on the incident and advocate for enhanced safety measures for thrill-seeking tourists, particularly during the upcoming New Year holiday, reported Pattaya Mail.

Responding to the gravity of the situation, a delegation from the Consumer Protection Committee, led by Napol Boriboon, Dr Ratruj Piyaphongpat, and Dr Thanat Pratumdaeng, accompanied by Nochanok Meunnamon, advisor to the committee, convened on December 28 to address the Russian tourist, Kondrakov’s complaint.

Napol, the committee’s representative, expressed unwavering commitment to a thorough investigation, underscoring the paramount importance of prioritising tourist safety, not only in Phuket but in tourist destinations nationwide. The spotlight is now firmly on the water park as authorities delve into the incident, promising accountability and action to prevent such distressing mishaps in the future.

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