Pattalung man faces arrest for molesting two girls

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A Pattalung court issued an arrest warrant for a 67 year old man accused of molesting two young girls, causing them severe distress. The initial investigation into the incident dates back to December 2022 with no conclusion reached, but the case reopened following a plea for justice by the mothers of the victims.

Two young girls, aged 12, were reportedly playing at a village pavilion in Ko Nangkham sub-district when they were approached and molested by a neighbour in his sixties.

The girls’ mothers, aged 34 and 32, reported the crime to local authorities but saw no progress for months, which led them to seek help from the media instead.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as Charoen, and also known as Muang, now faces charges of abduction and molestation of minors. Despite evading immediate capture and seeking refuge in another province, he has communicated his intention to surrender to the police.

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The case has revealed procedural negligence, with the initial investigator failing to report the incident to superiors or take appropriate action.

This led to a significant delay in the case, which only came to light after the parents inquired about its status months later. Subsequently, the original investigator was transferred and a new officer took over.

The Pattalung Provincial Police Commander has since established an investigative committee to examine the conduct of the initial investigator. He criticized the laziness that caused unnecessary suffering to the affected families.

Meanwhile, social welfare officials have stepped in to provide psychological support to the traumatised victims, ensuring they receive proper care and assistance during the legal process.

The case has now gained momentum with the arrest warrant and the police’s commitment to bringing the suspect to justice, promising a fair resolution for both parties.

The community is now awaiting the suspect’s surrender and the outcome of the renewed investigation following a lack of competence from the initial investigating officer.

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