Parcel worker shot dead in Ranong over alleged affair

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A shooting incident occurred yesterday evening, July 5, behind a market in Ranong, leaving a private parcel delivery employee dead and his family in mourning. Witnesses reported a physical altercation between the victim and a man in black before shots were fired.

Police received the distress call around 6.42pm and immediately dispatched officers and medical personnel to the scene. The victim, identified as 27 year old Thanawat, was found in the parking area, wearing green trousers and a red company jacket. He had sustained two gunshot wounds to the head and one graze on his right arm.

Thanawat’s wife arrived at the scene shortly after, breaking down in tears upon seeing her husband’s body. Friends and police had to restrain her from approaching the body, while the victim’s mother stood nearby, cradling her 10 month old grandson in her arms, visibly distraught.

Surveillance footage captured the moments leading up to the shooting. A man dressed in black was seen running towards the victim and firing a shot that hit his arm, causing him to fall. Two more shots were then fired at the victim’s head. The assailant quickly fled the scene in a white Honda sedan, heading towards the main road in front of the market. Locals managed to record the fleeing vehicle on their mobile phones, providing crucial evidence for the investigation.

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Preliminary investigations revealed that the victim worked at a private parcel delivery company not far from the crime scene. Witnesses stated that an argument over a personal relationship preceded the physical confrontation and subsequent shooting. Police suspect the gunman to be a police officer with the rank of Corporal, affiliated with the Border Patrol Police. It is believed that the dispute involved the gunman’s wife, who worked at the same company as the victim. The investigative team is currently tracking the suspect.

“Thanawat had resolved personal issues at work but he never discussed them with me. I knew it involved three people, each going about their own business. I have no idea what triggered today’s events.”

The police are working to apprehend the suspect and have already identified him. The motive is believed to be jealousy and a personal vendetta related to an affair involving the victim and the suspect’s wife, reported KhaoSod.

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