Consumer protection laws drafted to safeguard online shoppers

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Shoppers in Thailand can now rejoice as new consumer protection laws have been introduced to safeguard online shoppers. These laws allow buyers to inspect goods before payment and request refunds within five days.

Channel 3 reported that Prime Minister’s Office Minister, Jiraporn Sinthuprai revealed that many citizens have lodged complaints with the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB). Issues reported include receiving goods that do not match descriptions, an inability to contact sellers, and incidents where consumers receive unsolicited packages with cash-on-delivery demands.

Consumers have faced various issues when ordering products online, particularly with cash-on-delivery services. Some have been unable to reach sellers for problem resolution, while others have been denied refunds because delivery companies claim they have already paid the sellers. These situations have left consumers at a disadvantage and financially harmed.

In response to these complaints, the OCPB approved a draft announcement by the Committee on Contracts titled Regulations for Business Operators Providing Cash-on-Delivery Services. This legislation is expected to be published in the Royal Gazette by July.

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The new law aims to address the problems faced by online shoppers through the implementation of the Dee-Delivery measures. This requires logistics businesses to provide detailed information about the sender and the business operator, including the recipient’s full name and tracking number for the package.

The law mandates that logistics service providers must hold the payment for goods for five days before transferring it to the seller. This allows consumers the opportunity to report any issues and request refunds.

Consumers are also granted the right to inspect goods before making a payment. If any problems are identified, they can refuse payment and reject the delivery, reported Sanook.

Jiraporn noted that this new legislation is expected to significantly reduce the number of consumer complaints related to online shopping. The introduction of these consumer protection laws marks a significant step forward in safeguarding the rights of online shoppers in Thailand.

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