Fireworks factory explosion victims wait compensation a year on

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A devastating fireworks factory explosion in San Thung Mai village of Chiang Mai, left residents grappling with extensive damage and financial burdens nearly one year later. Compensation from the factory has yet to be received, forcing many to bear repair costs themselves, with some incurring expenses close to 200,000 baht.

The explosion occurred around noon on July 24 last year, affecting 38 homes in the area. Recently, San Pu Loei Mayor Satit Kamnokaeo and Head of the Regional Administration Registration Center 5, Bunyarit Nipawanich, visited the affected area to assess the current living conditions of the residents.

Residents of the affected homes have yet to receive any compensation from the factory responsible for the explosion. The local municipality has allocated a budget of approximately 1 million baht to assist with initial repairs and alleviate some of the immediate impacts, said Satit.

“The purpose of our visit was to check on the residents affected by the explosion which left the area in ruins nearly a year ago.”

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Most of the damaged homes are now habitable again, thanks to the municipality’s initial funding. However, the factory has shown no responsibility in covering the damages or providing any form of compensation to the victims.

Bunyarit expressed his concern over the situation, calling it alarming that despite the significant damage and the widespread attention the explosion drew.

“It is shocking that the factory owners have yet to pay any compensation despite the extensive damage caused by the explosion.”.

He advised the victims to unite and file a legal complaint against the factory to seek justice and compensation, before expressing that he is committed to closely monitoring the case to ensure the victims receive fair treatment.

One homeowner, who lives next to the explosion site, shared their ordeal. They recently completed repairs on their heavily damaged home, although it is not fully restored.

The homeowner explained that their insurance covered part of the repair costs, but they still had to spend an additional 200,000 baht. The factory has yet to pay any compensation, with only the municipality providing some aid.

“The explosion has caused immense hardship for my family and me. We still live in fear of another incident.”

The local authorities are now considering legal actions to ensure that the fireworks explosion victims receive the compensation they deserve, reported Khaosod.

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