Monk in Prachinburi blackmailed after video call with woman

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A monk from Prachinburi found himself at the centre of a blackmail scheme after engaging in a video call with a woman who later threatened to release compromising footage. The incident has been reported to the local police.

Phra Khru Samuha Anuwat, from a temple in Kabin Buri, Prachinburi, filed a complaint with Police Lieutenant Somchai Prukpaiboonkit at the Kabin Buri Police Station after a woman blackmailed him. The monk shared that on June 29, a woman using the Facebook name Nayada Nida Bunchuay reached out to him, expressing a desire to get to know him better and asking why he became a monk.

She also inquired if he had ever been in love or wished to leave the monkhood. He responded that he had experienced love but chose to become a monk and had been ordained for 20 years.

The woman then requested to connect on his personal Line account, and by June 30, while teaching, she asked him to send her a photo. He obliged, sending an image. Later that evening, while at his quarters dressed in traditional monk attire, the woman called him, professing her love and desire to be with him. He dismissed her advances, stating they had never met. She then asked for more photos, which he sent without much thought.

The situation escalated when the woman initiated a video call, during which she undressed in front of the camera. Phra Khru Samuha Anuwat quickly ended the call but soon received threatening messages. The woman claimed to have recorded the video and demanded money to delete the footage and avoid its release.

“Shocked and worried about my reputation, I was asked to transfer 20,000 baht (US$540) in exchange for deleting the video. The woman, under the name Malison Karun, demanded the money, which I sent.”

The threats didn’t stop there. She later demanded an additional 50,000 baht (US$1,360).

Refusing to comply further, he explained he had no more money and that the explicit images were manipulated. The woman continued to threaten him, saying she had many associates and could cause significant trouble. She even threatened to bring people to disrupt the temple and ruin his peace if her demands were not met, reported KhaoSod.

Phra Khru Samuha Anuwat decided to report the incident to the police, providing all relevant information and evidence to support his case. The police are now investigating the matter, aiming to identify and apprehend the woman responsible for the blackmail.

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