Nurse scams lovestruck man out of 100,000 baht, taunts him to sue for refunds

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A heartbroken man from Sisaket in northeastern Thailand warned others to be vigilant after falling prey to a deceptive nurse he met on an online dating app. Despite his genuine love and financial support, he was duped, losing over 100,000 baht (US$2,888).

Yesterday, Sek, a storekeeper, shared his heart-wrenching experience. In late October 2022, he met a nurse through a dating app, hoping for a fresh start after divorcing his wife of over seven years. Initially, the nurse, who had a good profile and a private hospital job, asked for help to pay an instalment on her condo in Bangkok, worth 15,000 baht. Trusting her, Sek agreed and transferred the money.

Later, she asked for additional financial assistance of 100,000 baht for her online business and installing the Internet at her home. Sek, believing in their sincere relationship, provided the requested funds. However, he soon noticed her unusual behaviour and discovered intimate photos of her with another man. He was scorned and challenged to sue her upon asking for his money back. Out of options, Sek filed a complaint at the Kantharom Police Station, as he wished to pursue the matter legally, reported Sanook.

Sek further mentioned that the nurse’s close male friend sent him more intimate photos of her with her boyfriend, seemingly to mock him. He urged her to return the money and wants his story to serve as a cautionary tale for others engaging online with seemingly good-profile individuals, who could potentially deceive and take advantage of their trust.

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