Zodiac fortunes: Astrologer predicts top five stars in November’s fortune show

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Astrologer Chang Thotsaporn Sritula revealed the top five zodiac signs predicted to have promising fortunes in November. The list includes Dragon, Pisces, Cancer, Libra, and Leo. In his video titled Fortune of the Month with Elephant Ep.52 – Last Curve of the Year 2023, Thotsaporn highlights the zodiacs that are expected to prosper financially and in terms of luck as the year draws to a close.

For the Dragon zodiac, good luck is on the horizon with unexpected financial opportunities presenting themselves. The Libra zodiac is also expected to experience good fortune, particularly in terms of finance.

If you are under this sign, you can expect to have the most aggregated wealth among all signs. Furthermore, there are potential opportunities for signing contracts, investments, and profitable negotiations.

The Virgo sign is also predicted to experience financial fortune towards the end of the year. Opportunities may arise uninterruptedly, including unexpected rewards and stable regular income. Health and accident precautions are advised for Virgos.

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Taurus is expected to prosper towards the year’s end. Taurus individuals are encouraged to trust their instincts and not to listen to others’ opinions too much. Good luck is predicted to be on their side, especially with property and vehicles.

For those belonging to the Capricorn sign, a strong fortune is anticipated. However, precautions should be taken during times of bad luck. Particularly, Capricorns should be careful of accidents during the last curve of the year. It is suggested that they donate to charitable causes, particularly hospitals, to offset any misfortune. Personal life changes and travel precautions are also advised.

In terms of work, Leo, Pisces, and Aries are expected to have prosperous careers by the end of this year. For love, Cancer and Sagittarius are predicted to experience the most robust relationships. On the other hand, Gemini and Sagittarius may have to brace themselves for some emotional distress as the year closes, reported KhaoSod.

Thotsaporn’s full predictions can be found in his Fortune of the Month with Elephant video series.

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