Notorious Bangkok fugitive Tum Pakdaeng nabbed in Rayong raid

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An elusive drug dealer, who has a history of incarceration and expertise in evading capture, was arrested in the early hours of today, March 14, after a tip-off from an associate led police to his hideout.

The arrest of Tum Pakdaeng was the culmination of an intensive investigation led by Police Colonel Monchai Arunsongsaengdee, the Chief of Taling Chan Police Station. His team, including Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongthawat Kongseua, Deputy Chief of Investigation, Police Lieutenant Colonel Kosal Yomsriken, an investigative officer, and Police Sub-Lieutenant Prawit Yaempong, Deputy Investigative Officer, executed an arrest warrant issued by the Taling Chan Criminal Court.

The 35 year old drug dealer had been on the run since being implicated in an attempted murder that took place on March 8 near the railway tracks in the Taling Chan area of Bangkok. It was alleged that Tum shot the victim three times before fleeing on a KSR motorcycle towards Bang Phlat.

Police gathered evidence and secured an arrest warrant for Tum, dated Saturday, March 9, for the attempted murder charge. However, Tum’s intimate knowledge of evasive tactics, honed by previous stints in prison for methamphetamine distribution and firearms offences, made him a challenging target.

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Investigations revealed that the suspect had taken refuge in Village No. 4, Noen Phra Subdistrict, Mueang District, Rayong Province. When the police team arrived at the location, they spotted Ekkachai standing in front of a house. On sighting the officers, Tum attempted to escape inside the building, but the police quickly apprehended him.

Upon capture, Tum confessed to being the individual named in the arrest warrant. Pol. Lt. Col. Pongthawat noted that the drug dealer had an extensive criminal record, with multiple incarcerations for methamphetamine distribution (three times) and gun-related offences (once). His previous encounters with law enforcement had equipped him with the skills to dodge arrest repeatedly.

To avoid detection, Tum had cut all communication channels, shut down his Facebook account and disposed of all mobile phone SIM cards. The police had to painstakingly interrogate acquaintances and contacts one by one, a process that eventually led them to Tum’s hiding spot, reported KhaoSod.

After the successful operation in the early hours of today, the police team from Taling Chan Police Station brought Tum into custody and handed him over to the investigative officers for further legal processing.

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