NIDA Poll reveals Thai public disapproval to extended bar hours plan


A recent poll by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) revealed significant public opposition to the Thai government’s initiative to extend operating hours in bars and nightclubs from 2am to 4am. The survey was conducted between October 17 and 19, engaging 1,310 participants above 20 years old from diverse backgrounds.

The initiative, proposed by the Interior Ministry of Thailand, is intended to stimulate economic growth. However, more than half of the respondents disagreed with the extension of closing times. From the total, 55.6% of the participants confessed to never entering bars, clubs, or other nightspots, while the remaining 44.3% (amounting to 581 individuals) admitted to having visited such places in the past.

Among those opposed to the extension of closing times, 41.7% argued that these establishments should maintain the current closing time of 2am. Approximately 8% advocated for even earlier closing times, while a small segment of 4.3% expressed the view that such venues should not be permitted to operate at all.

Only 23.6% of respondents supported the proposed extended operation until 4am but suggested that this should apply only to bars, clubs, and nightspots in tourist areas. A smaller portion of 17.5% showed support for the longer operational hours across the country.

The NIDA Poll also questioned the public’s confidence in the extended hours contributing to increased tourism revenue. A majority of 54.4% responded negatively, while 44.27% expressed optimism about potentially higher revenue. The remaining participants either did not have an opinion or expressed disinterest in the matter, reported Bangkok Post.

This survey provides significant insight into public opinion towards the government’s plan, revealing a prevalent opposition that could potentially influence the final decision. With a majority of the respondents expressing scepticism about the initiative’s success, it remains to be seen how the Thai government will respond to these concerns.

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Mitch Connor

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