Entertainment venues: Bangkok governor paints the town ‘green’ with 4am nightlife nod

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Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittupunt has given green light approval to entertainment venues to extend their closing time to 4am, provided they implement appropriate safety measures and take into consideration the welfare of nearby residents and young people. He also insisted that clear and transparent operations are better than secretly operating past the legal hours.

During a recent executive meeting at the City Hall, the 57 year old Bangkok chief discussed the matter of extending the closing hours of entertainment venues until 4am.

This initiative, he stated, does not contravene the city’s regulations, following discussions with the Soft Power Committee, a group focused on attracting and creating participation without the need for force or money.

Chadchart personally believes that if safety measures are put in place, especially for young people, it would be beneficial. He acknowledged that some entertainment venues already operate past their official closing time in the early morning. However, if they were to operate legally, with clear rules about opening and closing hours, the city would not have any objections.

He suggested designating specific zones for such entertainment venues, ensuring they do not disturb the nearby residents. The guidelines must also be clear, including the supervision of young people and drug abuse.

Chadchart emphasised that operating transparently and within the law is preferable to secretly working past the legal hours.

Chadchart further highlighted that many parties are involved in this matter, including business owners, market traders, and public transport drivers.

This move could stimulate the economy in one dimension, and the city has no objections, provided there are clearly defined boundaries. He believes it can be controlled and may require discussions with the police regarding the designation or change of the control area.

It might not be limited to the RCA area as before, considering the changes the city has undergone. He anticipates more clarity on this issue by December this year, reported KhaoSod.

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