New year’s grape eating trend goes viral in Asia

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The start of 2024 has seen the emergence of a hot new trend on social media, centred around the consumption of 12 grapes under a table on New Year’s Eve. This trend originated from a Spanish custom in which it is believed that eating 12 grapes in sync with the 12 strokes of midnight will bring good luck for the forthcoming year.

As we reside in the era of social networks, the tradition of eating grapes under the table has been widely disseminated and shared. It has become a trend embraced by many cultures, all with the hope of attracting success and positivity into their lives for the entire year. Asians are no exception, with the trend hitting a fever pitch in Vietnam this year, reported Sanook.

Furthermore, many young individuals have associated this custom with love matters, asserting that following the tradition will lead to a swift encounter with a romantic partner. This belief has further attracted a growing number of single individuals, heightening the excitement to practice eating grapes quickly.

Consequently, clips of grape-eating practices have become a social media phenomenon, with individuals showcasing their unique methods and sharing various techniques.

Regrettably, a large number of people around the world learned about this tradition slightly too late to try eating 12 grapes on the previous New Year’s Eve. However, there will always be a next time, and some netizens have declared their intention to attempt it during the Chinese New Year or at the end of this year.

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