New pit viper species discovered in Thailand’s Thale Ban National Park

Picture courtesy of Bunyarit Dechochai

A novel species of pit viper, the smallest in its venomous subfamily, has been discovered by personnel at Thale Ban National Park in Satun, a southern province of Thailand.

Saengsuree Songthong, the national park’s chief, along with his assistant Nakhen Kaweethanatham and research official Bunyarit Dechochai, stumbled upon the hitherto unknown species of pit vipers during a short break under a limestone shelter.

In order to ascertain the species of the snakes, they took photographs and shared them with a researcher. It was later confirmed that the team had indeed discovered a new species, reported Bangkok Post.

Saengsuree revealed that the newfound species, scientifically christened Trimeresurus ciliaris, is also known as the limestone eyelash pit viper. It bears close resemblance to the Trimeresurus venustus, or the beautiful pit viper.

However, according to the national park’s chief, the limestone eyelash pit viper is of a smaller size than the beautiful pit viper. This new breed is characterised by its larger eyelashes and nose, along with more distinct patterns on its lateral scales.

In August, in the lush Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in the Betong district of Yala province, researchers have made a remarkable discovery, two new species of flowers, belonging to the Annonaceae family – which hosts the well-known custard apple – have been identified by a team from Prince of Songkla University (PSU).

The finding was announced this week by Charan Leeratiwong, an eminent professor at PSU’s Faculty of Science. Complementing Thai researchers on this quest was Professor David M Johnson, hailing from the Biological Science Department of Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, United States. Their collective endeavours were supported by the diligent officials at the Hala Bala Wildlife Research Station. To read more about the story click HERE.

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