Mysterious death: Woman discovered lifeless in sedan at Isaan resort

Photo via Facebook/ สมาคมกู้ภัยอัมรินทร์ใต้ ตอบโต้ภัยพิบัติ บุรีรัมย์"อำเภอลำปลายมาศ"

A woman was found dead in the back seat of a sedan parked at a resort in the Isaan province of Burriam yesterday at around 5.30pm. Her body was covered with bruises as if she had been attacked and murdered. Adding to the woman’s mysterious death, two suspicious people disappeared from the scene.

Officers from Lam Plai Mart Police Station and a rescue team rushed to the scene to save the life of a woman who reportedly tried to end her life by overdosing on medicine.

Upon arrival, the officers found the body of the lifeless woman, aged about 25 to 30 years old, in the back of the sedan, a dark green Toyota, with a registration plate ชน 967. She was half-naked wearing only shorts, and her face was covered with a cloth. The rescuers dragged her out of the car and administered CPR, but her body did not respond.

The incident was suspicious because the bruises and injuries found on her body indicated physical assault rather than suicide. The rescuer team leader, 28 year old Sarayut Sichan, spoke to ThaiRath…

“When my team arrived at the resort, we met one man standing near the car. We believed he is the injured woman’s boyfriend. We were notified that the woman consumed medicine to take her own life, but we did not find any traces of medicine in her mouth. We only saw the bruises all over her face and body. I am certain that she was abused but we need to wait for the autopsy result and police investigation.”

The resort maid, 49 year old Eat, disclosed her observations. She revealed that on the night of Wednesday, May 24, a group, including one woman, one man, and a tomboy, arrived and booked two rooms at the resort. The following day at 9am, Eat overheard a heated argument between the woman and the man.

She ignored it until the evening when the man informed her of the woman’s alleged suicide. Eat also agreed with the rescuer that the woman’s death was the result of abuse rather than a self-inflicted act.

Police are now working to locate and question the two missing people for more information on the woman’s death.

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