Mysterious murder of beautician found dead in Pattaya apartment haunts family

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The murder of a 32 year old woman called Ratana in Pattaya has left her family devastated and seeking justice.

Ratana’s body was found with multiple stab wounds to her face, neck, behind the ears, and shoulders four to five days after she died in a third-floor apartment in Pattaya, a city in the Chon Buri Province of Thailand.

At around 3pm on April 1, Ratana’s mother, 59 year old Samran, and her 28 year old brother, Aumnatch, along with other relatives, arrived at the apartment where the murder took place. They had travelled from Amnat Charoen Province to conduct a spiritual ceremony to invite Ratana’s spirit to return home.

In a heart-wrenching display of grief, Samran called out her daughter’s name while lighting ceremonial candles, urging her deceased daughter’s spirit to follow the wrongdoer and seek retribution. During this poignant moment, Samran revealed that Ratana had experienced some difficulties in the past two months.

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Before her death, Ratana had requested her mother to transfer money to her, citing issues related to her face and her inability to work due to being attacked by a group of 11 women at her apartment. It was said that these women were the wives of the men who owned the accommodation. In addition to this, Ratana had become heavily involved in drug use in the past two months, exhibiting erratic behaviour and hallucinations after consuming drugs. Samran openly admitted her daughter’s drug addiction.

Despite her mother’s disapproval, Ratana continued to use drugs and remained close to a man whose identity is unknown, all while dealing with these personal struggles. Samran had sent money to Ratana in the hope that she could return home to Amnat Charoen, but tragedy struck before she could make the journey.

Calling out to her daughter’s spirit, Samran demanded that it guide the person responsible for this heinous crime to be punished, emphasising the brutality of the killer who had disfigured her beautiful daughter’s face. She hoped that her daughter’s case would serve as a warning to others and that no more Thai people would suffer such a tragic fate.

The family can only hope that justice is served and the person responsible for Ratana’s untimely death is eventually caught and held accountable.

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