Mysterious red envelope in Tokyo sparks Ghost Wedding fears

A cryptic red envelope found on a Tokyo street sparked intrigue online. The envelope was found near a train station and was picked up and photographed by a passerby who posted the image on Twitter, unaware of the chilling revelation that would follow.

The individual stumbled upon the mysterious red envelope near Ueno Okachimachi subway station in Tokyo, Japan. The envelope bore a striking resemblance to a monetary gift envelope with the Chinese character 囍 (Double Happiness), a traditional symbol used in weddings, printed on the front.

However, the post quickly went viral, causing a stir on social media. Numerous Japanese netizens warned the poster to refrain from picking up the envelope. They explained that it was part of a Taiwanese tradition known as the Ghost Wedding. According to this belief, anyone who picks up such an envelope is selected to marry a ghost bride in the spirit world and live with them.

Netizens expressed their warnings on the matter.

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“This is something you really shouldn’t pick up. This is a card that will lead you to the demon world. This is a real trap! There’s a legend in Taiwan that says if you pick up a red envelope, you’ll be forced to marry a deceased person.”

Some netizens offered advice on how to decline the invitation.

“You can refuse by putting around 400 yen (approximately 1,000 baht) back in the envelope and saying, ‘I hope you find someone better.'”

This discovery left many intrigued and others startled by the potential supernatural implications reported Sanook.

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