• Thailand News

    Tablet reveals affair: Taiwanese man sues wife and her colleague over intimate photos

    A Taiwanese man recently filed a lawsuit against his wife and her female colleague after discovering intimate photographs of the two on his wife’s tablet. The news report from the Taiwanese outlet CTWANT described the man’s astonishment when he came across the explicit images while preparing the device for his child’s use in school. The husband subsequently sued the pair…

  • World News

    Taiwanese singer and rapper becomes the victim of a leaked sex tape

    Taiwanese singer and rapper Nana Liang, also known as Liang Yun Fei, has recently become the victim of a leaked sex tape. The video, which emerged on social media last week, shows her face and a tattoo on her arm. Due to the evidence, Liang has acknowledged that she is indeed the person in the controversial footage. Liang has admitted…