Rayong: Mysterious pot found floating in canal sparks local curiosity

Photo courtesy of Sanook

A 37 year old man made a startling discovery while fishing in a canal in Pluak Daeng, Rayong today. Viraphong Tongha came across an earthen pot, tightly bound with a red cloth, that was floating in the water. The sight of the mysterious pot covered in red cloth and securely tied sparked fear and curiosity among residents.

The incident occurred in a large canal, 10 metres wide, located behind a herbal garden in Pluak Daeng. At first glance in the middle of the canal, an earthen pot covered in red cloth was spotted floating amongst water spinach.

Upon closer inspection, it was clear that the mouth of the pot was covered with a red cloth, tied securely with a sacred thread to prevent whatever was inside from escaping. This raised suspicions among everyone present as to what could be inside the pot.

Viraphong, the fisherman who first discovered the pot, is a regular in the area and visits almost daily. He stated that he had never come across such a pot before and that his first encounter was that morning. He too was left wondering about the contents of the pot and why it was covered with a red cloth and tied with a sacred thread, reported Sanook.

The incident left those who discovered it in shock, curious about the contents of the pot or whether it held some secret. Earthen pots such as this one, covered in red cloth and tied securely with a sacred thread, are often portrayed in movies as containers used by mystical practitioners to trap spirits or secrets, preventing them from escaping.

In related news, police rescued a tipsy Thai tourist who fell asleep on a boat and floated down the river in Uthai Thani for over 3 kilometres. Locals reached out to the police initially mistaking him for being dead.

Residents reported to the Mueang Uthai Thani Police Station on October 30 that they saw a Thai man lying on a boat in the Sakae Krang River. They were afraid to go near the body. They tried to wake him up but he did not respond. Read more about this story HERE.

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