Khon Kaen karaoke bar raided: 10 workers arrested for operating without permits

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A high-profile karaoke bar establishment in Khon Kaen, Thailand, was stormed by the police, resulting in the arrest of 10 female workers operating without permits. Some of these workers had also entered the country illegally.

The business owner was implicated in the operation, which took place at 1pm today, at the Immigration Check Office in Khon Kaen, situated within Passenger Terminal 3, Muaeng Kao, Khon Kaen.

Soraj Wachayasutthi, the Senior Immigration Officer of Khon Kaen, together with investigative officials, Khon Kaen Provincial Police, Tourist Police, and the Provincial Employment Office, jointly declared the raid on the prominent karaoke bar situated in Kranuan district, following a tip-off of covertly employing foreign women without permits.

Officer Soraj stated that the Khon Kaen Immigration Police are continuously collaborating with all departments to inspect and apprehend groups of foreign labour who have been working illegally. Apart from legal action, there is ongoing repatriation to their home countries. This collaboration led to the raid and arrest at a notable karaoke bar in the Kranuan district.

Officer Soraj further stated that they were able to arrest 10 Laotian women. Upon investigation, it was found that all of them had travelled through immigration checkpoints in Nong Khai and Bueng Kan provinces using tourist visas, seven of them, while the other three had sneaked into the Kingdom of Thailand illegally.

An inspection revealed that the seven Laotians who entered using a 30-day tourist visa were secretly working at the said establishment, serving food and beverages to customers, reported KhaoSod.

Work permits

Officer Soraj added that the arresting team charged the Laotian nationals with working without a permit, according to Section 4 of the Foreign Workers Management Act 60 and (Amendment No. 2) BE 2561. They were then handed over to the Kranuan Police Station for legal action and repatriation.

As for the owner of the karaoke bar who employed the Laotians, they were charged with employing foreign workers without a permit, according to Section 9 of the Foreign Workers Management Act BE 2560 and (Amendment No. 2) BE 2561, and are currently undergoing legal proceedings. The penalty is a fine ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 baht (US$ 282 to 2,820).

Officer Soraj also stated that they are continuing to monitor and intensively inspect large-scale factories in Nam Phong, Kranuan, Ubonrat, and Tha Pra, Mueang Khon Kaen. Therefore, all officials are ordered to investigate, suppress, arrest, and take legal action against groups of foreign workers who have been working illegally.

Officer Soraj further stated that they are also on the lookout for both Thai and foreign nationals who have arrest warrants and are entering or leaving the country, especially international criminals who are hiding and committing crimes against Thais or foreigners, using Thailand as a base for their illegal activities. Therefore, continuous and serious suppression and prevention must be implemented.

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