Tipsy Thai tourist turns river ‘cruise’ into sleepover, locals and police ‘buoy’ his spirits in central Thailand

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Police rescued a tipsy Thai tourist who fell asleep on a boat and floated down the river in Uthai Thani for over 3 kilometres. Locals reached out to the police initially mistaking him for being dead.

Residents reported to the Mueang Uthai Thani Police Station on October 30 that they saw a Thai man lying on a boat in the Sakae Krang River. They were afraid to go near the body. They tried to wake him up but he did not respond.

Police arrived at the scene and assumed the man was still alive. They shouted at him until he woke up but he was so drunk that he could not give any details about how he had fallen asleep in the boat.

“I am a former Royal Thai Navy officer! I always carry a gun, and I am not afraid of anyone!”

Police escorted the man off the boat before questioning him about his address and family.

Police: “What makes you so drunk?”

The man: “Alcohol!”

Police: “It must be too strong. Do you know where you are now?”

The man: “Sure, this place is… right?”

Police: “No, this is the provincial hall. Where is your house?”

The man: “My house? Where is my house… My house is…”

The man later told the officers that his house was near Khrong Temple, more than 3 kilometres from the site. He did not know how he ended up at the site but remembered buying two bottles of alcohol early that morning.

He could not remember where he was going but got into the boat and continued to drink alcohol during the trip.

The officers managed to contact a family member of the man, who later picked him up at the police station. The officers also urged the man’s family to keep a close eye on him as it was dangerous to sleep in the boat. He was lucky to get help in time.

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