Mysterious deaths of eight buffaloes spark health concerns in Korat

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Nakhon Ratchasima residents were alarmed to hear about the mysterious death of eight buffaloes and the critical condition of three others, sparking fears of a potential outbreak of zoonotic disease. The district livestock officials have been urgently dispatched to investigate the situation and warn farmers to exercise caution.

A post made on social media shared a warning which garnered significant attention and concern among livestock owners, farmers, and netizens, who expressed their condolences and support for the affected individuals.

“Farmers beware… Cutting grass to feed buffaloes. Buffaloes nearly died in droves… Suspected poison from herbicide sprayed on grass… in Kaeng Sanam Nang, Korat.”

The district chief of Kaeng Sanam Nang, Weerasin Thinrat instructed the district livestock officer, Ekkarat Khlangawut, to visit a village in Ban Nong Buakong, Bueng Phalai subdistrict, to treat the three critically ill buffaloes and collect blood samples from the carcasses of the eight deceased animals for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

The investigation included inquiries about the food and water consumed by the animals. Initial medical supplies were provided to Nukhrai Khunes, the owner of the buffaloes. Additionally, advice was given on how to care for the remaining 12 buffaloes that have not shown symptoms yet, emphasising close monitoring to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to other livestock and humans. This is to reassure the residents and consumers of buffalo meat.

The authorities are now focusing on identifying whether the deaths were caused by a toxic substance, possibly herbicide, as suggested by the social media post, or if there is an underlying disease. The collected blood samples will undergo a thorough examination to identify any pathogens or toxic substances, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a buffalo escaped and ran onto a road where it was fatally struck by a car, causing significant damage to the vehicle. Following the initial collision, two motorcycles trailing behind failed to brake in time and also collided with the buffalo, resulting in four injuries.

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