Buffalo’s great escape ends in udder disaster on the road

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A buffalo escaped and ran onto a road where it was fatally struck by a car, causing significant damage to the vehicle. Following the initial collision, two motorcycles trailing behind failed to brake in time and also collided with the buffalo, resulting in four injuries.

The incident took place yesterday in San Sai District, Chiang Mai. Emergency responders from the Mae Jo Municipality rescue unit and police officers from Mae Jo Police Station arrived at the scene shortly after midnight to investigate the accident.

Upon arrival, authorities discovered a blue car with severe front-end damage, having collided with a large black buffalo. Two motorcycles that had been following the car also crashed into the buffalo after failing to stop in time.

The accidents led to four individuals sustaining injuries. One of the injured was transported to San Sai Hospital, while two others were taken to Theppanya Hospital. The final injured person declined to be taken to a hospital.

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The ownership of the buffalo remains unknown. Preliminary investigations suggest that the buffalo’s owner might have tethered it to graze in a nearby alley, from where it escaped onto the main road, leading to the unfortunate collision.

Officers from Mae Jo Police Station documented the scene thoroughly, taking photographs for evidence. They also recorded statements from the affected individuals. The next step involves tracing the buffalo’s owner to address the incident and possibly hold them accountable, reported KhaoSod.

The incident highlighted the importance of proper animal control and the potential risks posed by stray animals towards motorists and pedestrians.

In a similar occurrence, a wild deer unexpectedly appeared in the middle of Chaiyapruek Road, causing multiple accidents as it was hit by cars three times. Police officers from Chaiyapruek Police Station rushed to the scene last night after receiving reports of a deer being struck and killed by vehicles.

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