Tragic twilight collision: Man defies wife’s warning, loses life in motorcycle accident

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A fatal accident occurred when a man defied his wife’s warning and drove his motorcycle during twilight hours, resulting in a collision with a pickup truck. The incident took place on the Nato Hming-Kok Yang road in Trang Province, Thailand.

The crash left the motorcycle rider, a 44 year old rubberwood processing factory security officer named Natthaphong, dead at the scene with a broken neck.

The poorly lit two-lane road is noted for truck jams. On the left side of the road, investigators found a blue-black Honda Wave 100 motorcycle, severely damaged and entangled with the right side of an Isuzu pickup truck. There were visible bloodstains on the front of the truck.

About 15 metres away in the grass lay Natthaphong’s body, face down in a pool of blood. Skid marks were observed, stretching approximately 30 metres from the initial point of collision to where the truck eventually came to a stop.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the truck driver was alone, and driving at a moderate speed. He was travelling from Kok Yang village towards the Trang-Sikao route, while the deceased was driving in the opposite direction. It appears that Natthaphong’s motorcycle unexpectedly crossed over into the opposing lane, causing the collision with the oncoming truck. The impact caused him to be thrown into the grass, while his motorcycle remained lodged in the truck’s front as it was dragged for another 30 metres.

When questioned, the victim’s wife, 43 year old Laddawan, revealed that her husband did not work that day. He had left home at around 6.30pm to sell vegetables to his colleagues at the factory where he worked. Despite her warning against venturing out due to the darkness and recommending that he wait until the following day, her husband insisted and left home. Later, a neighbour informed her of the accident and mentioned that Natthaphong was already on his way home when it occurred. The couple had three children together, and Natthaphong had been the primary provider for the family.

The pickup truck driver did not remain at the crash site but went to the Nongtrud Police Station to await questioning, accompanied by two eyewitnesses. The authorities will now proceed with the investigation into the accident accordingly, seeking a fair resolution for both parties involved.

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