Motorcycle parking fee confusion at Mo Chit 2 terminal clarified by TCL

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Transport Company Limited (TCL) clarified a recent complaint about a 1,500 baht fee for a four-day motorcycle parking at Mo Chit 2 terminal.

The matter, raised on the Facebook page “Want to be famous, I’ll arrange it with a video clip,” featuring a caption claiming a charge of 1,500 baht for four-day motorcycle parking at Mo Chit 2, has been addressed by TCL. The company did not take the complaint lightly and contacted the parking operator, Followup Co. Ltd., seeking an explanation.

It was discovered that the complainant did not inform the parking staff about their intention to park for over 24 hours, as stated on the signboard at the terminal. As a result, the system recorded the time and charged per hour, leading to a total fee of 1,480 baht. If they had informed the staff about their intention for 24-hour parking, the fee would have been 150 baht per day.

The miscommunication led to a misunderstanding. TCL will liaise with the complainant and take quick action to ensure fairness to the service users. Additionally, they have ordered Followup, the parking operator, to urgently improve the clarity of their signboards. The company also requests the cooperation of service users who wish to park for 24 hours to notify the staff in advance every time, reported KhaoSod.

This incident followed a complaint by a man who was charged 1,500 baht for four nights of parking at Mo Chit 2, expressing discontent with the unclear price indication on the sign.

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