Canadian man and Thai wife fatally stabbed in Khon Kaen over parking dispute

Tragedy struck in the early hours of this morning in the Muang district of Khon Kaen, a northeastern province of Thailand, when a Canadian man and his Thai wife were fatally stabbed by a neighbour. The couple, 54 year old Michael Nixon, and his 47 year old wife, Anurak, were found dead outside their two-storey house.

A 36 year old Kachornsak Panyadee, a local cotton candy roti vendor, was taken into custody after surrendering to the police with the murder weapon, a one-foot-long knife.

They were found lying dead in front of the two-storey house of Nixon, the Canadian, and his Thai wife Anurak. Upon arrival at the crime scene, authorities discovered Nixon had suffered three stab wounds to the left and right sides of his chest and abdomen. His wife, Anurak, had been stabbed in the abdomen.

Deputy Chief Investigator, Chaiwanich Kamkamool, stated that the incident took place around half past midnight at house number 380 in Moo 10 village, in Tambon Ban Thum. Following an emergency call, the police, forensic officials, and rescue workers hurried to the scene.

There, Kachornsak, who was from Chaiyaphum’s Ban Thaen district, surrendered to the police with a one-foot-long sharp pointed knife, saying he had stabbed the couple to death with it.

Preecha Kengsarikij, a Khon Kaen Deputy Police Chief, revealed that the investigation showed that the couple and Kachornsak had a history of arguments over parking. Kachornsak claimed that his house was frequently blocked by motorcycles and cars belonging to the couple’s visitors.

On Thursday night, the same parking issue arose when the couple received several foreign guests. Kachornsak waited until after midnight when the guests departed. Holding the knife, he walked to the couple’s house, knocked on the door, and when the wife answered, he stabbed her. When the Canadian man rushed to help his wife, he was stabbed three times.

Following the incident, Kachornsak was taken into custody and charged with murder. The investigation into the motive behind the killings is ongoing, with further questioning planned for Kachornsak. The findings will be included in a comprehensive report for the prosecutors.

Police cordoned off the house where the Canadian man and his Thai wife were killed by their neighbour in Muang district, Khon Kaen province, reported by Bangkok Post.

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