Model reports sexual assault by brother-in-law in central Thailand

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A model bravely stepped forward to report a harrowing series of sexual assaults and blackmail at the hands of her brother-in-law, a troubling case that has recently come to light in Samut Sakhon province.

Today at 10am, the 29 year old woman, accompanied by lawyer Sittha Biabangkerd, also known as Lawyer Tum, filed a report at the Ban Phaeo Police Station against the man who allegedly used a gun to coerce her into sexual acts and secretly recorded videos, threatening to disclose them if she did not comply.

The series of abuses, which included forced oral sex and intercourse, began between October and December of 2023, marking a period of torment for the model. The accused, who is the husband of the victim’s sister, allegedly assaulted her three times.

The victim, already suffering from depression, felt driven to the brink of suicide to escape the constant fear and trauma.

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sexual assault
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

Sittha revealed that the victim had been living with her mother, child, and nieces and nephews in the Krathum Baen district while her sister and brother-in-law resided in another house to work and support the family financially. The brother-in-law would often visit under the pretext of seeing his children, and it was during these visits that he attempted to assault the model.

After an initial consultation with Sittha, the model changed her locks and added extra security to her home. However, her situation worsened when the brother-in-law was released from prison, where he had been held on drug charges.

He then coerced the victim into a vehicle, pretending to take her to pick up her child but instead took her to a hotel in the Salaya area where he raped her at gunpoint. Subsequently, two more assaults followed at a hotel in the Ban Phaeo district.

sexual assault
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

The victim struggled in silence, fearing for her safety and the well-being of her family, who depended on her brother-in-law for financial support. This fear kept her from disclosing the abuse to anyone.

Her pleas for help were met with disbelief from her family, further isolating her and exacerbating her depression, reported KhaoSod.

Determined to seek justice and put an end to her ordeal, the model turned to Sittha for assistance. Despite the initial reluctance to report the crimes out of fear of financial repercussions for her mother, the repetitive abuse and overwhelming mental anguish compelled her to seek legal help.

Sittha guided her through the process of filing a police report and is currently gathering evidence to prosecute the perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law.

sexual assault
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

The police have taken the victim to identify the crime scenes as part of the evidence collection process. This case not only highlights the struggles of individual victims but also sheds light on the broader issues of domestic abuse and the challenges faced by those who seek help within a system that often fails to protect them.

It is a stark reminder of the courage required to confront such deeply personal and traumatic experiences in the pursuit of justice and the need for a supportive and responsive legal system.

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