Missing Thai man found dead, questions raised over link to unidentified woman

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A Thai mother found the body of her missing son by a roadside forest along the Sattahip-Nakhon Ratchasima Road in Chon Buri province. The plot thickens, however, as queries have emerged regarding a potential connection to the body of an unidentified Thai woman discovered just 2 kilometres away from the dead man.

On Sunday, December 3, officers from Huay Yai Police Station were called to the cassava plantation on the Sattahip-Nakhon Ratchasima Road in Chon Buri after locals discovered the body of a Thai woman buried in the plantation.

No personal documents were discovered with her, rendering officers unable to identify the woman. The only potential means of identification lay in her tattoos: specifically, the word สายเถื่อน (savage) tattooed on the back of her neck, along with depictions of a Thai hermit and another hermit with a third eye ablaze on her back.

The subsequent day brought news of another fatality, the deceased was identified as Jeeraphan Jantarot, a 33 year old Thai man. His lifeless body was found hanging from a tree, located 20 metres from the Sattahip-Nakhon Ratchasima Road, just 2 kilometres from the cassava plantation where the first body had been discovered.

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Around Jeeraphan’s neck was a red sarong and he wore a white T-shirt with black shorts. Personal effects including his identity card, a motorcycle key, and a mobile phone were recovered. Officers speculated that he had succumbed to his demise over a week before being found.

The two people who found the body were Jeeraphan’s younger brother and his mother. The mother, 51 year old Ranjuan, told Channel 3 that police found her son’s motorcycle in the area. She and the police had been unable to contact Jeeraphan, so she filed a missing person’s report on November 28.

Ranjuan said she then asked a fortune teller to help her look for her son, and the fortune teller told her that her son was still at the scene near his motorcycle. She and another son searched for Jeeraphan at the scene until they found his body.

Jeeraphan’s wife, 37 year old Wannipha, reported to Channel 3 that she did not believe her husband had committed suicide by hanging himself. She thought someone was behind his death but was not sure if it was connected to the death of the unidentified woman.

Wannipha revealed that she and her husband lived separately. She lived in the northern province of Nan while her husband worked in the eastern province of Rayong near Chon Buri. They were in a relationship for more than 20 years and had a daughter together.

Wannipa stated that her most recent visit with Jeeraphan occurred from November 18 to 25. During this time, she discovered he was involved in an affair with another woman, leading to a conflict between them. Resolving to travel back to Nan on November 26, Wannipa’s last conversation with Jeeraphan transpired at 2am on November 27, just before his disappearance.

Expressing her belief that Jeeraphan’s demise was a result of foul play, Wannipha recounted information from his manager, indicating a dispute with a colleague concerning his extramarital relationship. Despite her awareness of the affair, Wannipha claimed ignorance about the mistress, lacking even knowledge of her identity.

The superintendent of Huay Yai Police Station, Surakit In-Am, said officers had not yet found any links between the two bodies. Further investigation into the woman’s identity and information from Jeerraphan’s mobile phone would be carried out to close the case.

If you or anyone you know is in emotional distress, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand 24-hour hotline: 02 713 6791 (English), 02 713 6793 (Thai), or the Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai). Please also contact your friends or relatives at this time if you have feelings of loneliness, stress, or depression. Seek help.


ORIGINAL STORY: Chilling cassava discovery: Unidentified woman’s body unearthed near Huay Yai highway

A chilling discovery surfaced in Chon Buri province when an unidentified woman’s body was found in a cassava plantation near Highway 331 Sattahip-Nakhon Ratchasima in Huay Yai. The body was discovered on Saturday, December 2, hidden approximately 50 metres into the jungle from the main road. The age of the victim is estimated to be between 35 and 40 years old.

The Huay Yai police were called to the scene, where they observed that the unidentified woman was wearing a red T-shirt and boxer shorts, without any underwear. The condition of the body suggested that she had been dead for about three days prior to the discovery.

No personal identification was found on the unidentified woman’s body, which made the task of identifying the victim more challenging. Further, the state of the remains rendered it difficult for clear signs of injury to be identified, although abrasions were noted on the right leg.

Adding to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the discovery, the woman was found covered with a white blanket adorned with cartoon patterns. Tucked inside the blanket was a “yant khai” fabric talisman, a spiritual amulet used in Thai culture to ward off evil spirits.

This particular detail led locals to speculate that an attempt might have been made to protect the body from malevolent spirits. These items were subsequently collected by authorities as part of the evidence.

As it stands, the cause of the incident has yet to be determined. Investigators are working tirelessly to ascertain if this was a result of a criminal act or a non-criminal incident. The body has since been transported to the Police Hospital, where a detailed autopsy will be carried out.

This autopsy is expected to shed light on the cause of death and hopefully, provide clues to the woman’s identity, reported Pattaya News.

The Huay Yai police urge anyone with information relating to the unidentified woman to come forward. The case remains under active investigation, with the authorities keen on establishing the sequence of events leading up to the woman’s death.

Missing Thai man found dead, questions raised over link to unidentified woman | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News.

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