Buriram celebrates BLACKPINK Lisa’s 27th birthday

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Buriram celebrated BLACKPINK Lisa’s 27th birthday with a feast of meatball consumption and the unveiling of themed pants.

Buriram came alive as it threw a grand celebration to mark the 27th birthday of Lalisa Manobal, better known as Lisa from the globally renowned girl group BLACKPINK.

The event included the launch of Buriram’s special standing meatball consumption pants. Lisa, born in the Buriram district of Satuk, has been credited with popularising the local delicacy of standing meatball consumption, which has significantly increased sales for the vendors behind Buriram’s train station.

The festivities, organised in collaboration with the Buriram Provincial Administrative Organization, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Buriram office, the Buriram Tourism Business Association, and other local bodies and enterprises, kicked off with a heartfelt round of Happy Birthday to honour the pop star. A large cake adorned with meatballs was presented, reflecting the unique culinary culture that Lisa has helped to promote.

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In a move that cements the significance of this local food phenomenon, a ceremony was held declaring March 27 as Buriram Standing Meatball Consumption Day. The initiative not only pays tribute to Lisa’s influence but also aims to boost the local economy by attracting tourists to the region. Officials believe that elevating the event to a national level could significantly contribute to Buriram’s tourism industry.

As part of the celebration, the meatball vendors began distributing over 700 kilogrammes of free meatballs from 10am, drawing long lines of fans and residents eager to partake in the festive giveaway.

Chatrachai Sararum, Chairman of the Buriram Industrial and Tourism Council, expressed gratitude to Lisa for her inadvertent role in promoting Buriram’s speciality and announced that the birthday and Standing Meatball Consumption Day would be observed annually on March 27. He highlighted that this year marked the third consecutive birthday celebration organised for Lisa.

The event’s highlight was the launch of the standing meatball consumption pants, a novel product inspired by the popular snack. Vendors and various agencies have shown their support for the initiative, which they hope will extend the fame of Buriram’s meatballs even further, reported Sanook.

The community takes pride in Lisa’s achievements and the positive impact she has had on their livelihoods. They extend their heartfelt thanks and well wishes to her, hoping for her continuous happiness, good health, and success that keeps her fans around the world captivated.

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