Buriram bust-up: Minibus driver assaults woman over school run

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A heated altercation occurred in Buriram yesterday when a local minibus driver assaulted a woman, who was picking up village children for school, the driver was angered by the encroachment into his minibus territory.

The incident, which occurred around 7am yesterday on a village road in Prakhon Chai District, Buriram, was witnessed by several parents and schoolchildren who were left shocked as the reasoning behind the unprovoked attack was initially unknown.

The woman involved, a 48 year old seamstress, Pornphairin, had just been discharged from Prakhon Chai Hospital after being treated overnight. She sustained injuries including a split lip, swollen right cheek, bruised right arm, and chest pain. She recounted the events leading up to the attack.

She recounted that on the morning of the incident, she was driving her younger brother’s modified pickup truck, which resembles a small minibus due to its modified roof frame and rear seats.

Her brother had previously modified the truck to apply for a school transport service after the usual minibus service had halted following the new school term.

On the day of the incident, she was using her brother’s modified truck to transport her grandchildren to school, when other village children, mostly relatives, also asked to join.

Blind rage

When she parked to pick up the children, a local minibus driver, 59 year old Kaek, aggressively approached her vehicle. When Pornphairin lowered the window to ask what he wanted, Kaek started punching her without warning, causing her facial injuries. He then tried to pull Pornphairin out of the truck but her uncle quickly intervened.

Following the assault, Pornphairin called her brother, who quickly arrived at the scene. However, the situation escalated further when Kaek brandished a long knife he had in his minibus, threatening her brother.

Pornphairin believes that Kaek mistakenly thought she was trying to steal his customers when she was merely transporting her relatives to school.

“My brother’s decision to apply for a transport service is his right. There’s no exclusive concession; everyone has the right to make a living,” said Pornphairin.

Kaek, who has been driving the minibus for 20 years, said he felt disrespected by what he perceived as an encroachment on his territory. He further claimed that he brought out the knife in self-defence, fearing retaliation for his unprovoked attack.

Pornphairin intends to pursue legal action against Kaek for the assault and threats, meanwhile, Kaek stated he is willing to cooperate and is open to resolving the matter, reported KhaoSod.

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