Meet Ivana Kurniawati, wife and supporter MFP’s Rangsiman Rome

PHOTO via rangsiman.rome's Instagram

A fascinating aspect of Thai politics recently emerged in the online world when photos of Rangsiman Rome, a Move Forward Party List MP, began circulating. Instead of focusing solely on Rangsiman, many netizens became intrigued by the beautiful woman standing behind him in a black outfit, Ivana Kurniawati, the stunning Indonesian wife of Rangsiman.

Ivana recently married the 30 year old Rangsiman and has been by his side since the time he was an activist in politics. The couple has gone through ups and downs, including Rangsiman’s arrest for political activities and his eventual entry into the Parliament, reported Sanook.

Introducing herself on social media, Ivana said…

“I am an Indonesian political artist and the wife of Rangsiman Rome. When people have long-distance relationships, they usually have romantic images of meeting their lovers at the airport, but in my case, I had to wait at the police station. Nonetheless, I try to support him as much as possible by being with him. I want him to know that I’m here for him, in both good and bad times.”

Ivana expresses her belief that Rangsiman’s persistence and determination come from the bottom of his heart, fueled by his enthusiasm for justice and democracy.

Ivana said…

“He has always looked at the bigger picture and tried to do his best in whatever capacity he has. “Even as a student activist, he made continuous efforts to enact change.”

Despite encountering risks and more significant challenges, Rangsiman remains committed to his cause. Ivana added…

“The ‘elephant ticket’ has been the most dangerous issue Rome has tackled in his life. We knew the consequences and risks involved when we decided to discuss it, but we decided to go ahead with it anyway. We believe that even if it brings danger to our lives, it’s worth it for the Thai people.”

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