Man tricked into scam call centre, ordains as monk in remorse

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A young man deceived into working for a call centre scam in a neighbouring country has expressed remorse and plans to ordain as a monk to dedicate merit to the scam victims. He endured eight months of abuse before seeking help to return to Thailand.

Chairman of the Northern Star Foundation, Phim Mai Sakdipatpokin, reported that a 29 year old man named Tonmai had been tricked into working for a call centre scam abroad. After managing to contact the police and secure his return, Tonmai expressed a desire to ordain as a monk to atone for the harm caused to scam victims, some of whom tragically took their own lives.

The ordination took place at a temple in Wihan Daeng district, Saraburi province, with Tonmai’s parents attending the ceremony.

Tonmai shared that he initially found the job on social media, where the employer claimed it involved following up on customer parcels. Unaware of the true nature of the work, he started in the insurance department but was later transferred to a different department.

Upon his transfer, he was given customer information and forced to make calls to meet targets. Failure to meet these targets or breaking rules resulted in physical punishment. Tonmai expresses his deep regret for his actions.

“Every day, I had to achieve at least three successful calls. In the [department], the target was seven to ten successful contacts per day. If targets were not met, money would be deducted.


“I have come to ordain because I am remorseful for the victims who were tricked into transferring money. Some victims suffered from depression, [hospitalised], or even took their own lives.”

Tonmai further revealed that after seeing news reports, he felt deep remorse for his role in the scam and pleaded for forgiveness from the victims who lost money. He managed to escape and return to Thailand about a week ago, reported KhaoSod.

“I had no intention to harm, if I didn’t comply, I would be beaten.”

Phim Mai added that Tonmai had contacted her via social media after feeling distressed and regretful about his involvement in the scam. She assisted him in surrendering to the police, but no charges were pressed as he was also a victim. Phim Mai stated her willingness to help Tonmai.

“Tonmai asked me to sponsor his ordination to dedicate merit to the victims who were deceived and harmed themselves.

“I believe it’s good that Tonmai has realised his mistakes and repented. Victims of call centre scams can report their cases to my page, and I am willing to help.”

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