Oily seas: Police nab 330-litre illegal oil haul in Satun

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Police seized an illegal oil shipment of 330 litres, including diesel and cooking oil, in the middle of the Satun Sea today. The smuggled goods, believed to be imported from a neighbouring country, were found on a suspicious vessel.

The National Maritime Interests Protection Command Centre, Region 3, received a report from the Satun Maritime National Interest Protection Centre about the incident. At 3am, a coordinated effort involving the Satun Maritime National Interest Protection Centre, a special task force from the Satun Port Security Control Centre, Satun Customs, and the local excise office led to the inspection of a suspect vessel in the Tam Malang Canal, Mueang District, Satun Province.

Officials discovered 11 barrels of diesel, each containing 30 litres, totalling 330 litres, along with 23 bags of cooking oil, each weighing 1 kilogramme. The goods were found on the boat without any customs clearance, and no one came forward to claim ownership of the vessel.

The police promptly seized the boat and the illegal items, transporting them to the Satun Marine Police Pier. They are now awaiting the boat owner to come forward and claim the vessel. Further detailed inspections will be conducted to ensure compliance with legal procedures.

In related news, the Thai police and related services intercepted an illegal shipment of 1,170 kilogrammes of pumpkins being smuggled from Laos into Mukdahan, Thailand. The suspects fled upon seeing officials, leaving behind the contraband valued at 35,000 baht.

A coordinated operation involving the Surasak Montri Army, Phayanakrit Special Task Force, Mukdahan Plant Quarantine Station, Mukdahan Animal Quarantine Station, and Wan Yai Police Station led to the seizure of agricultural goods. The operation took place in Wan Yai District, Mukdahan Province.

Information about the planned smuggling had been received, prompting officials to set up a perimeter and conduct surveillance in the area. The police stationed their patrol units strategically in Village No. 2, Ban Wan Noi, anticipating the arrival of the contraband.

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