Man shot and beaten in Chachoengsao over suspected affair

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A violent altercation erupted outside a noodle shop in Chachoengsao province when a man, suspecting his wife of infidelity, returned with a gun after seeing her with another man. The incident led to the shooting and brutal beating of the man she was with, leaving local authorities urgently searching for the perpetrator.

Police were alerted to a shooting in front of a noodle shop in the Klung Luang Phaeng subdistrict in Chachoengsao late last night. The investigation team, along with emergency services, rushed to the scene to find a man, identified as 52 year old Thanit who was grievously injured from two gunshot wounds and a beating. The victim was quickly transported to the Buddhasothorn Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

The 62 year old owner of the noodle shop and friend of the injured man, Tian, recounted how earlier that evening, Thanit had brought a woman, approximately 50 years old, named Thawil to his establishment for drinks.

A man, believed to be Thawil’s husband, later arrived on a motorcycle, confronted the pair with accusations of an ongoing affair, and pushed Thawil to the ground before leaving the scene. The woman followed shortly after on her motorcycle, and the man returned to the shop, seeking her whereabouts. When Thanit claimed ignorance of her location, an argument ensued, leading to a violent confrontation outside the shop.

The shop owner described hearing two gunshots and, upon investigating, found Thanit lying on the ground while the assailant continued to beat him with the butt of the gun and kick him repeatedly. The owner attempted to intervene, pleading for the attacker to stop as Thanit was already incapacitated. Eventually, the attacker ceased the assault and fled the scene on his motorcycle.

Local authorities are now examining evidence collected at the crime scene and reviewing CCTV footage to trace the assailant’s escape route, reported KhaoSod.

Investigators are considering various motives, including a love triangle and personal conflicts, as they work to apprehend the gunman and bring him to justice.

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