Drugged-up driver’s wild ride ends with 120km police chase

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A dramatic police chase unfolded when a 25 year old man, high on drugs, stole a pickup truck and a minibus, fleeing across provinces for 120 kilometres before being apprehended in Nakhon Ratchasima, also known as Korat, claiming he was escaping from people trying to kill him.

The incident began last night, May 27, when police from Choknasan Police Station in the Surin province, along with officers from various stations in Buriram and rescue units, pursued the suspect.

The man initially stole a pickup truck from the Khukhan district in Sisaket province, fleeing through the Prasat district in Surin.

Running out of fuel, he abandoned the pickup and stole a minibus. He then stopped to refuel at a petrol station in Ban Tani, paying only 100 baht for 500 baht worth of fuel before speeding away.

Police from Choknasan coordinated with officers in Prakhon Chai, Nang Rong, and Nong Ki, anticipating the suspect’s route.

Rescue units and good Samaritans also joined the chase, which saw the suspect breaking through multiple police checkpoints.

Surrendered without resistance

Rescue units from Ban Song Mueng streamed the chase live, capturing the suspect’s escape until he reached Nong Bunnak district in Nakhon Ratchasima. Here, local police successfully stopped the vehicle, and the suspect surrendered without resistance after a 120-kilometre pursuit.

The suspect was identified as 25 year old Thotsaphon, a resident of Ban Na in Kantharalak, Sisaket province. During initial questioning at Nong Bunnak Police Station, Thotsaphon claimed he stole the vehicles to escape people trying to kill him, intending to reach his sister in Bangkok.

He alleged that his parents and siblings had been murdered and buried in a pond in Sisaket, and he feared for his life.

However, police were sceptical of his claims, as a urine test revealed the presence of drugs. They suspected he was hallucinating due to drug use.

Panya Thanompong, a truck owner who helped in the pursuit, recounted hearing the commotion at the petrol station in Ban Tani, where the suspect sped off after refuelling.

Panya decided to follow and alerted the Choknasan police. Despite their efforts and coordination with Ban Song Muang rescue units, the suspect managed to evade capture until reaching Nong Bunnak.

Collaborative effort

The head of the Ban Song Mueang rescue unit Chayanan Phuttichat explained that their team was called in to assist in the chase. Familiar with working alongside police, they used their rescue vehicle to follow the suspect.

Despite breaking through multiple checkpoints, the suspect was eventually cornered and detained in Nong Bunnak.

Upon inspecting the stolen minibus, authorities found 2,000 baht in cash under the driver’s seat, though it was unclear if it belonged to the vehicle’s owner. The money was seized for investigation.

Thotsaphon was taken back to Choknasan Police Station and other relevant jurisdictions for further legal proceedings. The police plan to continue their investigation to verify his claims and address the drug-related offences, reported Khaosod.

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