Thai man exposes himself in public and threatens to rape women in Buriram

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A local woman filed a complaint with the police after a drunken Thai man exposed himself in public near her house in the northeastern province of Buriram. He also threatened to rape women in the area.

The woman in the Baan Bu Rai Oil Community in the Chalerm Prakiat district of Buriram notified Chalerm Prakiat Police Station today that a Thai man, later identified as 55 year old Chalerm, stood near her house, exhibited his genitals, and shouted that he would rape all women in the area.

Upon arrival, officers discovered Chalerm, who was in a state of intoxication and attempted to display his genitals to them. Officers then searched a sack belonging to the Thai man and found it full of stolen electrical wiring.

When reporters arrived at the scene, he kept shouting…

“God gives me this!” He then attempted to expose his private parts to journalists. However, officers efficiently intervened and contained the situation.

Chalerm was apprehended and taken to a police station. After contacting and talking with his relatives, the police reported that the Thai man had a habit of drinking and stealing. He habitually roamed the community stealing possessions belonging to others and causing trouble.

A local woman notified the police and recounted her experience to KhaoSod, saying that she was present at home with her old mother when Chalerm initiated his lewd behaviour and loudly declared his intent to claim all women as his wives.

Fearing for their safety, the woman promptly secured the house by locking all entrances. Subsequently, she reported the incident to the village head with a photograph of the offender, prompting the village head to contact the police. She added that she had to carry a knife for the protection of himself and her mother until officers arrived at the scene.

The police collaborated with his family to ensure his safe return home. They added no charges were issued against Chalerm as he had not yet committed a crime, despite his rape threats and indecent exposure.

A similar incident was reported on May 22 and May 24 when two female students filed a complaint with the police that a man parked his sedan in front of them, lowered the car window, and masturbated in front of their faces. The indecent act occurred at a bus stop in front of their school in the central province of Chachoengsao.

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