Thai man arrested following violent attack on ex-wife and her sibling over 5 million baht dispute

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Police arrested a violent Thai man who stabbed his wife and her transgender brother, alleging a dispute over 5 million baht (US$137,589). He claimed to have given everything to his wife, only to be evicted from the house and divorced.

The incident took place yesterday, with the suspect, 42 year old Phuwis, assaulting both 38 year old Kanchana, a school administrator, and 36 year old Chanda, Kanchana’s transgender brother. Both victims were seriously injured and rushed to the hospital, while Phuwis fled the scene.

Phuwis was finally apprehended in a sugarcane field last night, October 25, by police from Nong Hong Station, coordinating with the Police Aviation Region 3. Due to heavy rainfall, the search was initially called off. However, law enforcement officers managed to capture Phuwis around 8pm. He was brought in for questioning the following morning.

Phuwis confessed to stabbing his ex-wife and her brother, citing resentment over money and being evicted from the house. He revealed that he and his ex-wife had three children together: a 13 year old daughter studying in secondary school, a 12 year old son in primary school, and a 7 year old son, also in primary school, reported Khaosod.

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Phuwis further explained that he had sold ten acres of farmland years ago for over 4 million baht, all of which he gave to his then-wife. He also sold his house in Lam Plai Mat district, making an additional 700,000 baht, which he also handed over to his wife. After this, his wife’s behaviour changed, and they began to argue frequently, leading to a year-long separation and eventually divorce three months prior due to pressure.

Phuwis also confessed to using drugs after the divorce, leading to overthinking and paranoia. Before the incident, he had taken three methamphetamine pills and travelled from Lam Plai Mat to his ex-wife’s house in Nong Hong, where he committed the violent act. He took full responsibility for his actions.

The police initially charged him with causing harm to others, resulting in physical or mental harm, and illegally using a Type 1 controlled substance (methamphetamine).

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