Man accuses son of drugging him and killing his wife to steal 65 million baht

A Thai millionaire accused his son and daughter-in-law of drugging him and killing his wife to steal 65 million baht. The millionaire claims that he was held captive over a two-year period before finally managing to escape in May last year.

The 67 year old man, who was not identified, filed a complaint at Chanchoengsao Police Station on Saturday, February 11. The man told the police officers…

“It may look like a television series drama but it actually happened to me.”

The man alleges that in 2020, his son and daughter-in-law began drugging him and his wife by surreptitiously adding poison to their food and beverages.

As a result, both he and his wife lost control of their bodies and minds. According to the man, the couple then locked him and his wife in the house and continued administering the poison. However, a relative eventually came to their aid and took them to a hospital, but the son reportedly brought them back. A video that captures the moment the man’s relatives rescued him and his wife from a dark room has been widely shared on Thai social media. Watch the video HERE.

The man alleges that his son subsequently relocated him and his wife to the daughter-in-law’s house in Chanchoengsao province. They were imprisoned in separate rooms and reportedly given a diet of rice, instant noodles, canned fish, and tap water, all of which were allegedly laced with poison.

The man claims that they were not allowed to leave the rooms to use the restroom and were forced to relieve themselves in the rooms.

Additionally, they were only allowed to take showers once every three months and were given just 15 minutes to do so. He says that he escaped from the house in May of the previous year, leaving with the intention of returning to help his wife. However, his wife allegedly died by hanging, which he does not believe was a suicide.

The man has accused his son and daughter-in-law of killing her and staging the scene to look like a suicide.

The man alleges that his son and daughter-in-law submitted a document to the court claiming that he and his wife had mental health issues and were no longer competent, thus allowing them to become administrators of his assets.

He claims that after the court approved their request, all of his savings, totalling 65 million baht, were transferred to his son’s bank account. The story has sparked a heated debate on Thai social media, with many expressing disbelief.

Officials from the Chanchoengsao Police Station have publicly stated that they are handling the case with sensitivity and will question all relevant parties to ensure justice is served.

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