Daughter jailed for 20 years after stealing 250 million baht from her mother

Where there is family there is love, so the slogan says, but this may not be the case for one Bangkok family after a daughter fleeced her sick mother of over 250 million baht.

Yesterday, Phra Khanong Criminal Court sentenced Mawadee Sriwirat to 20 years in prison for falsifying documents to steal more than 250 million baht from her mother, Huay Sriwirat.

The 56 year old stole the money from her 85 year old mother while she was bedridden, reported Bangkok Post.

The court also ordered Mawadee Sriwirat to return 123 million baht to her mother.

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Huay filed a lawsuit against Mawadee and four Kasikorn Bank employees for theft and forgery, causing damage of more than 250 million baht in 2019.

The mother’s lawyer, Jatuporn Chanasit, told the court that authorisation for withdrawing money from her bank account required her signature. But, in 2014, Mawadee allegedly conspired with Kasikorn Bank employees to change the process to fingerprint while Huay was admitted to hospital with coronary artery disease.

They then withdrew about 253 million baht from two of Huay’s bank accounts at two branches on Sukhumvit 101 and Srinakarin Road.

Mawadee was found guilty of 84 counts of forgery, using forged documents and theft. The court then sentenced the 56 year old to 20 years in prison with an order to return 123 million baht.

Of the four bank employees involved in the alleged conspiracy, one was given a two year jail sentence while the others were acquitted.

Huay filed another civil suit at Phra Khanong Civil Court against Mawadee, Kasikorn Bank, and four employees, demanding 350 million baht in compensation. The case is being deliberated in court.

Mawadee was originally handed a 12-year prison sentence last year and, on November 1 of this year, the Appeal Court upheld the ruling of the lower court.

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