Major street racing meetup thwarted by Bangkok police, 1 arrested

A group of approximately 50 motorcycle street racers gathered on Ram Inthra Road, Bangkok, around 3am last night, reportedly racing and revving their engines. The racers dispersed upon the arrival of officers, however, police managed to apprehend one unlucky individual.

The Police Colonel of Bang Khen Police Station, Anan Vorasart, received reports of a group of approximately 50 motorcycles assembling for a race on a public road. The event took place in front of Soi Ram Inthra 10, in the Anusawari district of Bang Khen, Bangkok.

The police, including patrol officers from Bang Khen Police Station, immediately responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, officers observed a large gathering of motorcycles preparing to race on the public road. Spotting the police, the motorcyclists quickly accelerated and dispersed in different directions in an attempt to evade capture. Despite their efforts to escape, the police pursued the group.

One individual, identified as 23 year old Chatirin, was apprehended while riding a white Honda motorcycle. After detaining him, the officers searched his motorcycle.

Police informed Chatirin of his rights and the charges against him, specifically for attempting to race on a public road. Following the arrest, Chatirin was handed over to the investigators at Bang Khen Police Station for further legal action, reported KhaoSod.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of illegal motorcycle racing in Bangkok, which continues to be a significant challenge for law enforcement. Street racing not only endangers the lives of the participants but also poses serious risks to other road users and pedestrians.

In separate news, police raided a well-known karaoke and traditional massage parlour in Bangkok today, uncovering an illicit prostitution ring involving Thai and Laotian women. The establishment had over ten rooms converted for illegal activities, and the owner confessed to the charges.

Officers from the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD), today, July 1, led by Saruti Kwangsopa, instructed officers from the Nong Chok Police Station to mobilise a team of officers to conduct a raid on a karaoke bar in the Nong Chok district of Bangkok.

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