Luxury vans intentionally crash in Pattaya pub drama

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

Local police in Pattaya are unravelling a startling incident involving luxury vans carrying Chinese tourists intentionally crashing into each other outside a secretive pub early yesterday morning.

Police Colonel Nawin Theerawit, Pattaya’s police chief, revealed that the perpetrators could face charges of physical assault causing serious injury and attempted murder.

According to the police chief, drivers purposefully collided with each other, resulting in a three-vehicle collision. One individual suffered a broken nose in the chaos, he confirmed.

The tumult began when Chinese tourists arrived at the entertainment venue after closing time. Upon being advised to leave by the guards, the frustrated latecomers sought the assistance of boxer friends to confront the situation.

“A brawl erupted, culminating in the shocking intentional crashes witnessed in an online video.”

Assuring a thorough investigation, the police chief affirmed that charges would be based solely on the evidence at hand.

The viral video, spanning two minutes and 15 seconds, portrays two Toyota Alphard vans and a Toyota Fortuner engaged in a disturbing altercation, reported Bangkok Post.

In the footage, a policeman can be seen urgently summoning backup and reporting an injured man trapped beneath one of the vehicles.

In related news, a 34 year old Thai woman recounted a horrifying assault outside a Pattaya pub, leaving her battered and bruised. The woman detailed the horrifying ordeal she endured at the hands of a group of tomboys and boys in the early hours of March 16.

She shared how a seemingly innocent night turned into a nightmare, with her past relationship haunting her in the most violent of ways.

In other news, a Chinese woman, allegedly lured and assaulted in a remote area near Pattaya, survived an attempt on her life after the assailant reportedly set the surrounding grassland on fire.

The incident took place on February 18, and police have examined all available evidence, including CCTV footage from the day of the crime.

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