Lopburi homeowners swing into action against monkey invasion

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

Homeowners in Lopburi province are calling for assistance from authorities as they battle an ongoing monkey invasion. The primates are wreaking havoc, causing significant damage to the properties and possessions of Lopburi residents and homeowners who are living in fear.

A user on TikTok has highlighted the severity of the issue by posting a distressing clip of monkeys vandalising a home to the point where the occupants had to construct a metal cage and store their belongings in cupboards to keep them safe.

At 2.30pm today, September 27, one of the Lopburi community representatives, Khun Muay, owner of the viral clip, shared his ordeal with KhaoSod Online. He disclosed that the monkeys are wild and used to live in the nearby jungle, causing little to no disturbance to humans.

However, deforestation has forced these animals to invade human settlements, resulting in continuous damage to homes and properties.

As the jungle was destroyed, the monkeys began causing trouble in residential areas, damaging goods and possessions.

The problem has escalated with the monkeys wreaking havoc in every house in the Lopburi locality, as well as factories. They are tearing things apart, ripping off electric wires, breaking light bulbs, scattering household items, stealing belongings, throwing away car keys, and even damaging parked cars.

Monkey invasion

Residents have tried various methods to deter the monkey invasion, such as building fences and cages, but the monkeys have managed to overcome these barriers. Khun Muay recalls a day when he was resting at home due to illness and heard loud noises. Upon getting up, he found his house invaded by monkeys, causing substantial damage to his plants and possessions.

Khun Muay recounted another distressing incident when he returned home from another province. After a tiring 10-hour drive, he found his house in a state of disarray, which left him speechless.

His refrigerator was opened, water taps were left running, his clothes and food items were scattered around, and his house was filled with a foul smell. This situation left him in tears, and he had to discard many of his possessions.

Khun Muay, along with other community members, have reported the issue to relevant authorities multiple times over the past 10 years, but no serious action has been taken.

The severity of the problem was only acknowledged after his clip went viral, drawing considerable attention. Some community members are so distressed that they are considering selling their houses, and several have already moved out. However, most of the locals have no choice but to deal with the situation as best as they can on a day-to-day basis.

Khun Muay concludes by appealing to the authorities to take this matter seriously. He also urges those who sympathise with the monkeys and accuse the community of harming them to understand the gravity of the situation and to take some monkeys home if they are so inclined.

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