Locals gather for Thao Wessuwan statues ceremony in Phetchabun

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Residents gathered to catch a glimpse of a crane’s registration number and firecracker tails during the eye-opening ceremony of Thao Wessuwan statues, standing 6 metres tall, at Wat Nam Lao Tai in the Ban Khok District of Mueang Phetchabun. The event is filled with anticipation for the upcoming lottery draw on June 1.

The eye-opening ceremony of the 6-metre-high Thao Wessuwan statues yesterday, May 23, drew a large crowd of locals and devotees at Wat Nam Lao Tai. The event began at 9.09am, with a Brahmin conducting the ritual by offering rice and flowers to the deities and sacred entities.

The ceremony included the sub-district head monk of Ban Khok being lifted by a crane to perform the eye-opening ritual on the statues, as well as other surrounding deity figures.

Six dancers performed a traditional dance as an offering, followed by the lighting of two sets of auspicious firecrackers. As the firecrackers exploded, participants eagerly rushed to see the numbers on the firecracker tails, hoping to use them for the upcoming lottery.

The numbers revealed on the firecracker tails were 253, 77, 898, and 86. Additionally, many attendees inspected the crane’s registration number, which the subdistrict head monk had used during the ceremony. The crane’s registration number was 82-2839.

The eye-opening ceremony of Thao Wessuwan statues at Wat Nam Lao Tai is a significant event for locals, who believe that participating in such rituals brings good fortune and protection. The statues, standing 6 metres tall, are impressive symbols of Thao Wessuwan, a deity revered for his power to ward off evil and bring prosperity.

Devotees shared their excitement and hopes for luck in the upcoming lottery draw.

“We believe that attending this ceremony and seeing these numbers will bring us good fortune.”

The ceremony not only attracted locals but also drew visitors from nearby areas, all eager to partake in the auspicious event. The atmosphere was filled with reverence and anticipation, as the crowd engaged in various rituals and offerings to the deities, reported KhaoSod.

Wat Nam Lao Tai, known for its spiritual significance, frequently hosts ceremonies and events that draw large numbers of devotees.

“These events bring our community together and remind us of our cultural heritage and traditions.”

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