Phetchabun honours local deity with ancient ritual

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Amidst the ancient traditions of Phetchabun, the community gathered yesterday for the time-honoured ritual in honour of the local deity, Chao Pho Chaiyaburi. This ceremony, deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of Ban Nong Nari, is believed to bring prosperity and protection to the village.

Residents of the historic Nong Nari village in the Sadiang subdistrict have long held the ceremony on the sixth night of the sixth lunar month annually, sustaining their heritage and invoking blessings for the village and participants alike. This year, the centuries-old ceremony drew considerable attention not only for its spiritual significance but also for the lucky numbers associated with the ritual’s fireworks.

Nong Nari, with its storied past and significant water body spanning 415 rai of water and 150 rai of land, has been a vital part of the local ecosystem. It supports various plant species and birdlife. Historically, during World War II, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram, then the prime minister, identified this area as crucial for water storage during wartime and droughts, leading to the construction of a large pond that still exists.

In 1995, the government named this water body Suan Rukchat Pha Mueang and initiated a beautification project, planting numerous tree species to enhance its appeal as a recreational spot and boost local tourism. Presently, Nong Nari is integral for agriculture, consumption, and leisure for the people of Phetchabun.

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The ceremony witnessed villagers presenting offerings such as pig heads, bananas, savoury dishes, sweets, liquor, and water, reflecting the community’s engagement, reported Sanook.

The highlight, following the ritual, was the launching of fireworks, believed to bring good luck and auspiciousness. The eagerly anticipated lucky numbers revealed on the tails of the fireworks were 12 and 812, which many noted for the upcoming lottery on May 16.

In related news, in a twist of fate, a British man’s stolen credit card was used to buy a lottery ticket in England that won a £4 million (185 million baht) prize, leading to a bizarre situation where the rightful owner wondered if he was entitled to any winnings, only to be met with disappointment.

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