Locals angry after public road shut for private party in S Thailand

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The son in law of a police officer caused outrage in the local community of Trang in the south of Thailand after he blocked off a public road to have a housewarming party.

Netizens in Trang demanded answers from the provincial government after a video emerged on social media of an ambulance being denied access to the road because it was cut off so guests at the housewarming could party.

Last Saturday, a man posted pictures of the blocked emergency car on a Facebook group called Trang People, or คนตรัง.

The caption said…

“An emergency car was surprised by a housewarming event. They had to change their route and were late to pick up a patient. Is it a waste of time? It’s the Na Khao Sia-Ka Chong Road. Please be aware and avoid the route. Another troublemaker is in town.”

Many netizens criticised provincial officers and the event host and questioned why someone could close a public road for a private party.

One asked, “Is it legal to close a public road for a private event?”

A reporter investigated the house on the road in the Na Khao Sia sub-district, Na Yong district, in Trang province yesterday.

An officer of the Na Khao Sia Sub-district Office, who lived nearby, told the reporter that the sub-district office couldn’t give permission to host the event because it was the responsibility of the Na Khao Sia District Office.

The reporter made known the house owner wasn’t home, the housewarming event had ended, and the road was clear.

After a little digging, the reporter unveiled the house owner as 37 year old, Kittipong (surname reserved), the son-in-law of a police lieutenant colonel, Somchai Saengsi, serving Wang Wiset Police Station in a different area in Wang Wiset District.

Kittipong revealed he got permission to hold the party from the Superintendent of Trang Provincial Police on August 27 and 28. He said he prepared traffic signs and staff to guide drivers to another route, which wasn’t far from the road.

Kittipong added that the man who posted his story is mischief-making because he had had a row with the person in the past.

The emergency car belonged to a rescue team at Na Yong Hospital. The hospital refused to give an interview, adding the Tran Provincial Public Health Office does not allow anyone to provide details about it.

According to Section 39 of the Highway Act, a person shall not block a highway, place any barriers, or act in any way that may be dangerous or cause damage to other people and vehicles. Anyone who violates the law faces up to three years in prison, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.

According to the report, the house owner didn’t face any charges.

SOURCE: Matichon | Khaosod

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