Latest Laotian lottery results announced

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The latest Laotian lottery results revealed the winning numbers for today’s draw. The Laotian lottery draws every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, continuing its tradition of frequent and accessible prize opportunities for participants.

Today’s Laotian lottery results showed the winning four-digit number, three-digit number, and two-digit number. The draw follows a history of results that participants can reference to track patterns or simply verify past entries.

Recent draws have consistently provided winning numbers, engaging a large community of hopeful participants, reported Sanook.

June results

June 26 1619 619 19
June 24 4248 248 48
June 21 9106 106 06
June 19 5459 459 59
June 17 1209 209 09
June 14 5059 059 59
June 12 4883 883 83
June 10 7206 206 06
June 7 1732 732 32
June 5 1493 493 93
June 3 1399 399 99

May results

May 31 3303 303 03
May 29 5419 419 19
May 27 9853 853 53
May 24 9057 057 57
May 22 3710 710 10
May 20 0147 147 47
May 17 8717 717 17
May 15 9902 902 02
May 13 3598 598 98

In related news, a Vietnamese vendor who won a 132 million baht lottery eight years ago continues to sell spring rolls, explaining her reasons for using the prize money and recounting the challenges she faced after her win. Dao, from Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam, became the first Vietnamese person to win the lottery jackpot in October 2016. Her life took an unexpected turn after winning 92 billion Vietnamese dollars (approximately 132 million baht).

Within the first month, journalists swarmed her neighbourhood, eager to capture photos and secure interviews. The overwhelming attention forced Dao to stay hidden at home, too afraid even to turn on her mobile phone.

In other news, a rare albino eel caught in Ban Dung, Udon Thani, has now brought lottery luck to its owner for three consecutive draws. The unique white eel was initially discovered by villagers from Santi Suk who were out fishing.

Residents had gathered at house number 18, located at a three-way junction leading to the famous Kamchanod, the land of the mythical serpent deities Pu Sri Sutho and Ya Prathuma. The albino eel, distinct with its pure white colour, was kept in a tank by its owner. Unlike the usual golden-yellow eels, this particular one stood out due to its strikingly white appearance.

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