Laotian couple resolves roadside dispute peacefully in Samut Prakan

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A roadside dispute between a couple, 26 year old Kim, and 25 year old Magud, both Laotians, was defused by the Samut Prakan Rescue Association today at 1am. The verbal conflict escalated into physical violence, which alarmed the on-duty officers at a nearby petrol station, who quickly intervened and informed the local police.

Both individuals seemed intoxicated. Despite suffering minor injuries, Magud refused medical assistance, insisting she was alright and had merely tripped. She also denied any abuse by her partner, instead, she showed a peace sign to the officers, affirming that their love remained strong. The couple was then seen holding hands and heading back home, leaving the bystanders in confusion.

Kim explained they had been drinking at a local restaurant. When the establishment closed, Magud accused him of being unfaithful. She refused to go home, crying and hitting him. In his frustration, he kicked her once, causing her to fall, which is when the officers arrived. He maintained his love for her and vowed not to harm her once they got back to their room, reported Sanook.

Thanakorn Panthong, an officer from the Samut Prakan Rescue Association, said he intervened after seeing the man hurting his girlfriend. Fearing for her safety, he rushed to help, but when he arrived, both denied any harm was done. They claimed it was a misunderstanding and did not want to pursue any legal action. The situation concluded peacefully as they walked back home hand-in-hand.

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